Support Lights Out

Ohio Lights Out, along with its regional programs, is coordinated by the Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative. OBCI is 100% grant and donation funded. It takes a considerable amount of resources to run Lights Out, and although our partnering organizations continue to support the effort through in-kind donations and fundraising, we still have many needs. Your donations will directly support the Lights Out program and will allow us to provide important resources to our volunteers and outreach materials to potential building owners.

The Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative’s programming is completely grant and donation funded.Please donate today to help us pursue our mission of conserving Ohio’s birds! 100% of donations will go to conservation work in Ohio.

To make a donation, you can either:

Pay online with a credit card at the Ohio State University’s secure donation site HERE.


Mail a check using the following form: Donation Form. Be sure to identify fund #316308 (Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative) on the form under “other.”

Make checks payable to The Ohio State University Foundation, and mail to:

1480 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43221


If you have questions about donations to OBCI, contact the Program Coordinator at:

Matthew Shumar